General Election 2015



Born in Blackburn in 1963, mother of three Kerry is a former Art Director. The 2015 General Election is her second time standing as the Green Party candidate for Hyndburn.

For the past couple of years Kerry has worked part-time as the manager of local community-owned, co-operative shop ONE Planet in Accrington, which she was instrumental in setting up in 2010.

Since the arrival in Lancashire of the unconventional oil & gas industry Kerry has been deeply involved in the campaign to keep Britain & Ireland Frack Free (BIFF).






Graham, a native of Leicestershire, has lived in Ribble Valley for 40 years. He has been politically active for over 50 years (MP for his school in 1959!) and has been a green at heart since the late 60s.

“I always believed that electoral reform (PR) was the Holy Grail and would enable smaller parties to develop new ideas and grow organically. In the interim I kept politically active in successively the Labour Party and the SDP before ending up in the LibDems, for whom I was a councillor for 13 years. The ill-fated AV referendum ended the PR dream and I joined the Green Party two years ago.   

Some people might see my age (72) as an electoral handicap, but I intend to use it as a major part of my campaigning narrative. People of my age vote in the greatest numbers and it’s we who need to think seriously about the kind of country and world we are handing on to future generations, as well as inspiring younger people to help secure a more sustainable planet.

I regard myself as part of the luckiest generation that has ever lived. We’ve always benefited from the NHS, many of us received free university education; we’ve enjoyed relatively full employment, got on the housing ladder easily, often retired early and with good pensions.

It was once expected that each generation would be better off than its predecessor. Now, that dream of continuing economic progress is starting to fade and we’re set to leave future generations with huge environmental and ecological deficits to contend with. The better off should not feel comfortable that their standard of living is being secured at the expense of the insecurity and reduced living standards of large numbers, especially of the young.

I have enjoyed a broad education, holding degrees in Chemistry and Business Administration, and have done a wide variety of jobs in a 40 year career. While a borough councillor I served for 10 years on Lancashire Waste Partnership and eventually became its chairman. I am now the chairman of Whalley Community Hydro, an award winning renewable energy scheme (

Both my political and general life experience give me a background on which to base a credible election campaign. I am not there to make up the numbers, but to give an unpopular incumbent MP, Nigel Evans, a serious challenge.”





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