ELGP Chair summarizes 2018 local election performance

18 June 2018

Joan West, Overton, Hyndburn, got 7.8 per cent of the vote and there were 20 votes between Labour and Conservative. Well done Joan thanks for all your hard work. Joan's leaflet focused on a strong green agenda and along with her work for CND brings a much needed green profile to her part of Gt Harwood which without her presence over the last few years would be lacking. 


Robin Field, Wensley Fold got over 16 per cent of the vote and 403 votes and was in 5th position. Robin fought a very strong campaign in a tough ward. He raised some important issues in the local press ( thanks to Bill Jacobs of the LT) which carried resonance with local people and which had been overlooked by the two main parties. 


Tariq Khan in Audley and Queen's Park got 14.4 per cent of the vote and 316 votes. Very well done for a first time at standing as Councillor. It was brilliant to have a candidate standing in Audley/ Queen's Park a difficult ward I am so pleased you stood there Tariq. My Grandparents lived in Audley and I have happy memories of the area. Your Leaflet again raised local issues that were relevant and green.


The Blackburn with Darwen seats had three seats in their electoral areas.


Also Andy Fewings got elected as Councillor for Trinity in our neighbouriing party in Burnley with 66 per cent of the vote. Andy and his team have worked so very hard with focus, drive and( a touch of the X factor from Andy). Andy and the team derserve this win but ELGP have also played their part in helping Andy and therefore deserve credit also. So new song Oh! Andy Fewings not Jeremy Corbyn!



Julie C Stubbins

Chair ELGP

May. 2018





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