ELGP Chair Julie Stubbins speaks out on single use plastic

16 January 2018

Plastic is everywhere in our lives. It is light, strong, malleable and relatively inexpensive. Many products made of plastic can be used over a number of years, numerous times. Increasingly though, this versatile (20th Century Invention is being used in the 21st Century for the production of single use items.


A society on the move looking for convenience purchases fizzy drinks, coffee on the go, sandwiches, microwave meals and fruit in plastic containers. Quite often the plastic in these containers, bottles, cups etc is not recyclable or difficult to recycle. It ends up in landfill, strewn around our streets, littering our beaches, filling our oceans with pollutants that are maiming and killing sea creatures and marine birds. (See D Attenborough, Blue Planet 2)


This problem is a world problem and requires an International, National and Local Solution. It is I believe (Julie Stubbins) one of the major Ecological/ Environmental problems of our age. Because of the size of the problem it may seem insurmountable.


We can, however all personally act to improve the situation. We can avoid plastic straws, buy a reusable cup or bottle for drinks, use reusable shopping bags, buy coffee at coffee shops/ chains that are starting to recycle paper cups, i.e. Costa or use a local independent café thereby helping local business’s and promoting community, buy milk from a milk-person/farm wherever possible and try not to use wet wipes.



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